Loam: Permaculture in Practice (Digital)


Loam: Permaculture in Practice (Digital)


From interviews with revolutionary agroecologists to immersive herbalism guides, Loam: Permaculture in Practice is both a celebration of sustainable living and a call to radical action. Searching for strategies to embody hope? Consider this luscious issue of Loam a vital resource in your pursuit of love-filled and world-building experiences. 

What's in this issue of Loam?

  • 80+ pages of exclusive content
  • Original photography, illustrations, prose, and poetry
  • Interviews with incredible environmental artists and activists such as Cyrus Sutton of Island Earth, Kristine Vejar of A Verb For Keeping Warm, and the People's Kitchen Collective
  • Wild crafted recipes for herbal remedies and healing meals
  • Beginner's Guide to bundle dyeing from Adriana Moreno of Moonshadow Goods
  • Strategies for compassionate environmental activism
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